Friday, April 30, 2010

At long last

A year ago I was so good about writing this blog, then life got in the way. Now I want to resume my dedication to writing. It was amazing to see what was sooo important a few months ago turn into nothing. Journaling has a way of putting life into perspective. So my/our lives right now...

I'm in the "slow season of work," which means I'm mostly home, although I do have some trips, but it is nothing like the fall. The question, what to do with so much time? The answers; yoga, knitting, walking, friends/family.

I started yoga last year and I love it, but I haven't really committed to it. I would go to class when it fit my schedule. Now I want to make my schedule fit class. That means four days a week. I've met my goal this week. Next week will be a real challenge as I have a 2 day road trip.

Knitting- started knitting this fall with all the travel. I've made too many scarves to count, a killer cute purse and a "first attempt hat." I must finish a granny square project that I started.

Walking- Again walking is/was like yoga. I did it when it fit my schedule. If I want to be healthy it needs to be a priority. 3 years ago I had a blood clot. This means I'm more likely to get another one or have a stroke. All the brain annuerisms that have been on the news are freaking me out. Must take care of myself.

Friends/family - As an introvert I could easily spend all day at home knitting and reading, but I know that is no way to live. I also know that with a traveling job, it is super easy to forget about friends. This may sound like a ridiculous goal to you social butterflies, but for me reaching out to people is a challenge.

The "Big Thing" in our lives right now is the back yard. After 7 years of desperately needing some landscaping, we are finally getting it done. Thanks to all the rain and snow the project that we've waited so long for has been delayed 2 weeks. Why could I tolerate it for 7 years, but the last 2 weeks have been torture. However, they're pouring the concrete today.

If anyone is reading this, get on my case if I don't do at least one update from Long Island, next week.

Photos of cute purse, before pictures of yard, and a muddy stump dog.

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  1. Cute purse! I know what you mean about exercising. I'm so glad to hear that you're building your schedule around it instead of the other way around. Looking forward to reading more on your blog!